About me

I am a senior full stack web developer with an entrepreneurial mindset. I specialize in python, node, javascript, react and SQL. I am currently contracting in San Francisco for a startup building a peer to peer CDN. I am considering opportunities in SF offering VISA sponsorship.

I travelled the world as a digital nomad contracting for premiere financial companies from New York. I have built my own startup as the CTO at Fube. I have built recommendation engines for the ecommerce market in Brazil at Chaordic. During my neuroscience degree at the University of Manchester I designed machine learning algorithms which innovated classical neural networks based on bleeding edge neurobiology. I have cycled 2000 miles across europe and competed nationally at slacklining.

CV (pdf)

I am looking for opportunities in San Francisco proper near SOMA. Schedule a chat with me below or send me an email!

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