GPS Tracker ios

GPS Tracker ios

App delegate:

  • Talks with os


  • main view

Corelocation manager init stick on viewcontroller

the delegate recieves events from the location manager

the location manger talks to the os

no gc

  • no GC because will slow down animations
  • instead solution is ref count
  • if ref count is cyclic then you must use one weak reference
  • weak references don’t increase ref count
  • cycles can happen with more than two objects

startMonitoring: region desiredAcc: acc

// must be initialized in init
// other wise will get compile time error
x = clmanger

// can be null in the program, I'll handle that
// checks that you check it is null
x = clmanager?

// trust be it won't be null
// tell the compiler to not bother checking 
// if we are checking if null
x = clmanager!


sendData(location, success, error) { lib(url + location).responseSuccess { return success } }

Enabling settings

  • Blog overview
  • Background location in swift
  • Conforming to delegate
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