Word prefix tree and anagram solver

Word prefix tree and anagram solver



Often people learning a foreign language have problems remembering the difference between similarly spelt or similarly sounding words. This project aims to help people disambiguate similarly spelt words.


Run a server (using e.g. ws or python -m SimpleHTTPServer) in the root folder and visit http://localhost:8000/static


  • words.py generates tree.json and anagrams.json.
  • tree.json contains a letter by letter prefix tree (trie) of all the words in the dictionary.
  • anagrams.json contains all angrams in the dictionary, indexed by the sorted strings.
  • main.js loads tree.json and anagrams.json into memory.
  • index.html contains a recursive template for displaying the tree.
  • Selecting a word causes a request to the wikipedia API and consults the anagrams dict.
  • Also note I used some CSS3 flexbox magic, so I hope your browser supports that.
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