Real Time Scoreboard

Real Time Scoreboard

Feb 2016


  • expressjs
  • angularjs
  • nodejs
  • mysql
  • web-sockets

My client required a real-time scoreboard platform for a volleyball competition. The scoreboard, timer and buzzer were required to be synchronized across several devices in real-time. The web app development had been started and I was required to finish it off.

I implemented the following functionality:

  1. CRUD REST api for matches, teams and courts.
  2. Deployed and maintained linux server.
  3. NTP-like server-browser clock synchronization library.
  4. Cross-device real-time timer functionality.
  5. Cross-device real-time buzzer functionality.
  6. Cross-device real-time scoring system.
  7. Some style changes for responsivity.

The code was successfully used intensively for several weeks in a large national volleyball competition involving thousands of games.